Social Responsibility

Around the world, translators help connect communities and facilitate the transfer and reporting of information related to environmental conservation and human development. Translators and interpreters are involved in a wide range of conservation and development activities, from the preparation of the peace proposals that make the evening news to the dissemination of instructional materials that help teach small-plot farmers in developing countries how to sustainably cultivate their land. Translators and interpreters working in international cooperation projects carry the knowledge that minority communities in every corner of the globe have shared with them to larger, international forums, completing a holistic cycle of human growth and understanding.

Because I feel that these issues are important, I offer a substantial discount to organizations devoted to environmental and social responsibility, sustainable development, human rights, and humanitarian aid. As a translator, I’ve collaborated in projects related to sustainable development, human rights, and humanitarian aid. Although much of the work I take on is addressed to the general public in the form of fundraising materials, reports, and website content,  I also translate ISO reports for private companies, applications for funding and internal communications for international nongovernmental organizations, and articles and reports for scholars working in these fields. In 2009, I joined the international team of translators who provided press services for the World Peace March. From 2005 to 2010, I wrote articles on environmental issues and eco-tourism for the Spanish-language magazine EcoHabitar and I have contributed articles in English about volunteer tourism and a tourist’s ecological footprint for North by Northeast and various other web sites. One might think that greening tourism would be  only a drop in the bucket toward the overall improvement of the world’s environmental stewardship, but expert and activist Costas Christ points out that the tourism industry is the second largest services sector in the world, surpassed only by the industrial-military complex.  I have also written  about corporate responsibility, water conservation, ethical consumerism, and the “Clean Clothes” movement, among other subjects, for the web site Triple Pundit.

Translators who wish to work in fields such as sustainable development, ecology, human rights, and development but don’t know where to start may be interested in the following organizations:

Translators without Borders

Translations for Progress

KIVA (an organization that channels microfinance loans)