Top candidate for a worst website translation award

I almost never use this blog to rant about poor translations, but  a member of a translation forum recently provided a link to a poorly translated website that prompts a very good question: Is there a hall of fame for the world’s worst translations?

The company in question (noted here as XXX) provides a textbook example of what no business should ever do: put text like this on an official company website.


XXX dispone of a felicitous solution to the needs of your company, consults our different options and discovers the technological solution than better adapt to your business.

With XXX tendras:
only Bill: line of telephone and ADSL gestionados by XXX.
ADSL of until 20Mb without limit of discharge. Possibility to know his real speed in the moment of the high.
The line XXX is not VoIP. Work all the telephones and all the rosetas.

plan of guarantee

– if you do not remain satisfied, te devolcemos your money: (Couldn’t they even get the Spanish right?)

services autogestionados

now can adapt to your taste or needs the services that hire with XXX without need to have to resort to third people or have to enter complicated numerical codes through the telephone.
simply accesses to the area of clients that will find in and once inside direct you to services autogestionados, give you of high, and enjoy of this service of way totally free.

services of data for company

masdsl is the service of access to symmetrical internet of XXX, with technology shdsl on stop of copper. the authentic wide band symmetrical in which send information is so fast like receiving it.

in a company the truly important is not to sail by internet, but send and receive information. thanks to the simetría of the wide band of XXX more adsl will be able to send and receive information to the same velocodad from 1 mbps with packages chords to all the needs.

* high of line gratis, giving you of high now.

* router wifi gratis.

the service adsl provides access of wide band with speed of until 20 mb to sail by internet and discharge contents at full speed.

with the services adsl XXX, his company dispondrá of all this technology: access to internet of all speed in felt net user, wide coverage of the service and exit to internet no masificada, monitorizada and gestionada íntegramente by XXX.

the half speed real of rise in spain is in some 300kbps; with annex m would achieve to multiply by five this speed.

 The fact that all this information was uploaded in 2009 and has still not been rectified makes this case even more tragic. There are several lessons to learned from this professional howler. The first lesson is that any communications department should always check an original document for veracity, style, grammar, and punctuation for publishing or releasing it. The second lesson is that whatever  companies spend on professional translation services, they can consider that expense to be an excellent investment in marketing, public relations, and brand building.