Farewell to a wonderful colleague – Patricia Rosas

I have just received news that Patricia Rosas, a colleague from the Proz.com translator’s network has passed away. Patricia and I worked in the same fields, both of us specializing in the social sciences, the arts and humanities and international development. We both  translated academic texts as well as providing editing services for non-native speakers of English.

Networks like Proz.com not only offer  translators exposure to potential clients. They also provide a community with whom to share ideas and insights about the art, the craft and the challenges of translation—no small thing for people who work long hours in seclusion. Some people naturally stand out in these Internet forums for their professionalism, their depth of  knowledge and  the courtesy, good humor and  unflagging generosity they show to others. Patricia was one of these people.

Patricia Rosas was involved with interesting projects, both as a translator and a copy editor, including the books Negotiating Conquest: Gender and Power in California, 1770s to 1880s by Miroslava Chavéz-García published by the University of Arizona Press, Democracy’s Promise: Immigrants and American Civic Institutions by Jannelle S. Wong published by the University of Michigan Press and a collection of essays on the work of sculptor Juan Soriano.

My heart goes out to her family and friends. She will be sorely missed and long remembered by her translation colleagues around the world.