Farewell to the poet Carlos Edmundo de Ory

This morning Spanish poet Carlos Edmundo de Ory passed away in Thézy Glimont, France at the age of 87. He was one of the founders of the Madrid-based “Postismo” movement.

Ory’s work was censored in Spain during the  dictatorship.  He finally resettled in France where he was an active member of various poetic movements, including the Atelier de Poésie Ouverte, which he founded in 1968 to explore poetry as a collective creation.

Allen Ginsberg and Edith Grossman translated an unpublished volume of his poetry and Ginsberg dedicated one of his own poems, included in the book   Cosmopolitan Greetings, to Ory. In addition to creating a significant body of  poetry, Ory wrote essays and also worked as a translator.

An ample selection of his work in Spanish, including the poem ” Invierno ” provided below,  can be found in the website a media voz . It is  hoped that  more of his poetic work, translated by Stephen J. Stewart, will be published soon. An updated, brief biography of the poet is available in the Wikipedia.


Sólo se oye la lluvia
Cómo besa
Con sus bocas sedientas
Los ojos de la tierra

¡Sólo se oye la lluvia
Como una extraña queja!

Silencio tú te mojas

De “Poemas”